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Precision Die Casting Process and Its Advantages

Source:Fufeng Mold Industrial Group Limited    Data:2016/07/26    Hits:

Precision die-casting a molten alloy was poured into a pressure chamber filled with high-speed steel mold cavity, and the liquid alloy formed by casting a precision casting solidification under pressure. Precision Die Casting has the following advantages.

  1. good quality
    High precision casting size, generally the equivalent of 6 to 7, even up to grade 4; surface finish, generally the equivalent of 5 to 8; high strength and hardness, strength than sand casting in general increased by 25 to 30%, but elongation is reduced by approximately 70%; dimensional stability, good interchangeability; can be die-cast thin-walled complex. For example, the current zinc alloy die casting minimum wall thickness of up to 0.3mm; aluminum alloy castings of up to 0.5mm; the smallest aperture is cast 0.7mm; minimum pitch of 0.75mm.
    2. High production efficiency
     Machine production rate, such as domestic JⅢ3 horizontal die casting machine cold air can average eight hours from 600 to 700 die-casting, small hot chamber die casting machine every eight hours on average from 3000 to 7000 can be die-casting; die-type long life, a pair of die-casting type, die-casting alloy bell, life of up to hundreds of thousands of times, or even millions of times; easy to mechanization and automation.
    3. good economic effect
    Since casting precise size, smooth sheet pan and so on. Generally no longer be machined directly use or processing volume is small, so not only improves the utilization rate of the metal, but also reduces the amount of processing equipment and labor; casting price will be easy; in combination with die-cast metal or other non-metallic materials may be used . Saving assembly work and save metal.