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China has become a major export market for the United States Parts

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Department of Commerce International Trade Administration released the same day involving more than 10 industries in the United States more than the latest export report. The report shows that China is the seventh largest export market for US aircraft components products. The next 20 years, China is expected to become the world's largest aircraft parts market demand, Boeing expects China need to add more than 6,000 aircraft in order to meet the needs of its commercial shipping. At the same time, Chinese helicopters and trainer aircraft market is rapidly expanding. Since China is actively developing the civil aerospace industry, the report is expected next will face American companies to compete with Chinese companies.

    A report on the export of civilian nuclear energy, said China's efforts to develop nuclear energy industry to reduce dependence on coal for power generation, the number of nuclear power plants currently under construction in the world, China is the largest export market for US civilian nuclear energy, the two sides cooperate closely. Since the slowdown in electricity demand growth in China, the pace of construction of new nuclear power plants has slowed, but the report predicts that the next 10 years China's nuclear power market will bring enormous business opportunities for US companies. In the field of education, the report said the next few years China will continue to maintain "America's largest source country for international students' status, the current number of Chinese students accounted for about 31% of the total number of international students in the United States.     In addition, China is the third largest export market for US products, auto parts, construction equipment second largest export market, smart grid technology products seventh largest export market and second largest export market for financial technology, manufacturing technology third largest export market .     But the report also see that in some industries, US exports face challenges. For example, although China is the United States of renewable energy products, the eighth-largest export market, but due to the rapid development of China's domestic renewable energy, the US company currently exports only accounted for less than 2% of China's total renewable energy imports.